Kanthal K1
Kanthal K1
Kanthal K1
Kanthal K1

Kanthal K1

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A high resistance alternative to n90. Great for high wattage and voltage devices, regulated devices and high ohm low wattage scenarios.  Very resistant to corrosive materials.  And has a higher operating temperature than Nichrome. 


Available in 27.0 foot lengths gauges 24, 26, 28 

24g - .51mm / 2.07 ohms/ft

26g - .40mm / 3.31 ohms/ft

28g - .32mm / 5.27 ohms/ft

Kanthal A1 Resistance Wire Specifications

22% chromium (Cr), 5.8% aluminum (Al), Iron (Fe) balance

Density: 7.1 g/cubic cm

Tensile strength: 680 n/mm²

Melting Temperature: 1500°C (2732°F)

Maximum Operating Temperature: 1400°C (2552°F)